A Team of Individuals Makes A Difference

A Team of Individuals Makes A Difference

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Revolutionary War Facts For Us To Remember

The American revolutionary war is one of the most important historic occurrences ever. The thirteen colonies of American fought against the greatest military force of that time, which was Great Britain, in order to win their freedom and to live in their separate homeland.

The whole war started because the American colonists were not satisfied with the treatment as they believed that they were not getting the desired rights which the Englishmen were getting. The American colonists believed that the tax imposed upon them by the Britain Parliament was unjust and unlawful and demanded justice from the governing system.

There are many American Revolution facts that are important for us to remember. These events included the Stamp act of 1765, Boston Massacre in 1770, Boston Tea Party and the intolerable acts of 1774. This resistance emerged as a strong one with members from the thirteen American colonies siding up and joining hands for one common cause which was their freedom from English supremacy.

The American revolutionary war started in April 19, 1775. This war had surprisingly amazing facts that made the whole period of war historically phenomenal. The first battle that ignited that whole revolutionary war was the battle of Lexington. The main commander in chief at the time of the great revolutionary American war was George Washington whose critical role shaped a major part of the war itself in different battles.

Another amazing fact about the war is that the British army out numbered the American revolutionaries. Moreover, the British army had a bigger advantage in so many levels that the American revolutionaries at first seemed to be a failure.

For example, The British soldiers nicknamed as “the red coats” because of their uniform color were more trained and more disciplined for such types of battles. They had more ammunition, more armor and an overall edge over the Americans in terms of supply. They had a strong naval force and a navy base which the Americans did not possess at the time of revolution. The Americans at the inception of the war had no army at all. Instead, they relied on the local citizens and militia for their defenses.

Another fact about the revolutionary war is that the Americans whose hearts were ignited and burnt with ever increasing desire to attain their rights and independence played a defensive stance in majority of the situations during the American Revolutionary war as compared to the offensive and aggressive tactics of the British Army.

Since this was a large scale war, there were thousands of casualties and injuries on both sides with majority falling down amongst the Americans. Only 45-50 percent support was given to the American colonists from the Americans meaning even half of the Americans themselves didn’t support their cause of revolution.

Approximately eight thousand Americans died for their cause in the battlefield. Sixteen Thousand Americans died of sickness during the American Revolutionary war. Even a couple thousand Americans deserted the war and went missing in action. Nine thousand to ten thousand Americans were inflicted with injuries during the battle.

Additionally, the battle of Saratoga is considered to be Americans first victory over the British Army at the revolutionary war period and is considered as a huge curve that led to the change in the whole war with Americans on the winning side consequently.

What is so important about all of this? America is at a vital crossroads today just like the colonists were over 250 years ago.

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